Love for Lesvos

Dec 2015 Update! 

Huge thanks to all who bought prints for refugees in Lesvos! The money donated from the print sales went to Breezy & Flo who flew to Lesvos to help and buy much needed items for people in need on the island.


Until Friday 20th November, 25% of all my online print sales will be donated directly to my friend (singer and Mother) Breezy and a group of women who will be travelling to the island of Lesvos in Greece to support the refugees there. "Of the 660,000 refugees and migrants who have reached Greece this year more than half have landed at Lesvos." (

The island is seemingly receiving substantially less help and media attention, than the other parts of Europe that refugees have travelled to.  Volunteers, such as Breezy and her friends, are vital in the efforts to distribute the much needed resources and food that have been donated by fellow humans around the world.

I have updated the store with images from London, Sweden and Paris. The latter is a former home of mine and I am feeling the weight of recent events there. But like many, I am trying to focus on the beauty that is the City of Light. Among the images is one of a rainbow next to the Seine. It can be interpreted as representing hope.  I like the idea that sales of this and the other prints can contribute towards helping people in another part of the world. Love is the only way forward. 

∞ Love to the world.